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We are part of today’s legal revolution.

Join the revolution, the new way of practicing law. If you are a lawyer or general counsel who wants to set yourself free from the usual billing targets, law firm bureaucracy or office drudgery, talk to us. Our platform lets you work when you want to and where you want to.

The new economy has brought in new ways of doing business. It started with the blackberry and 24/7 availability. The Economist featured it in January 2015. Now you can find virtual law firms in the US and the UK and outsourced general counsel services globally. We are already living this … maybe you are too – using technology to do conference calls, share documents, work by a swimming pool or up a mountain. We don’t believe you can be totally “virtual” or create an Uber Law; but clients expect lawyers to be responsive, to use technology and maybe not even meet face to face.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you should talk to us.

• Do you have at least 7 years experience?
• Do you have some strong client relationships?
• Are you happy to work from home or anywhere using a laptop provided you have full technical and back office support and decent meeting rooms?
• You may be admitted in Hong Kong or overseas
• If you are a general counsel, talk to us anyway

If you are interested please contact Guy Facey for a confidential discussion:
email guy.facey@faceyassociates.com
Phone +852 6396 0064
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